Fitting Instructions



Please read these instructions carefully, proper graphic installation will prolong the life of your dirt bike stickers.

Plastic preperation:
Start by ensuring your workspace is clean and tidy. Remove any motorbike decals that are already on the bike plastics by softly heating with a hairdryer, ensure that any adhesive left on the plastics is completely removed. using a clean microfibre cloth clean the entire motorbike plastic with methylated spirits paying close attention to recesses and concaved areas. New dirt bike plastics have a releasing agent on them from the factory which makes them look shiny, this will form a barrier between the plastic and the adhesive, please follow these instructions even if your plastics are new. give them a blast of heat to ensure all cleaning agents have evaporated.

Fitting dirt bike stickers can be a tricky task, especially with the large curves on modern day motocross bikes. We suggest starting with the easiest plastics first such as the front number plate or fork protectors, this will give you a feel for how the Substance material we use works and help you to become familiar with the process. Do not rush.

Your custom dirt bike graphics are supplied without any exess backing paper, any bolt holes that remain can simply be pused out which makes it much easier to align the graphic.

Peel back a very small section of the backing paper and trim off with your craft knife exposing the adhesive, line up the graphic and bolt holes then stick down the small exposed section to hold the graphic in place. If you make a mistake you can lift the decal and repeat the process until you are satisfied. Peel back some more of the backing paper and trim again, you can peel back as much as you are confident with dealing with. start to apply by pushing from the centre out ensuring that the sticker kit is alligned, if you start to get creases (tunnels) or you can see the graphic start to go off line heat with the hairdryer to soften the laminate and help it conform. Once the graphic has been fitted use heat to help the adhesive set, paying close attention to the edges. Trim any overhanging edges with the craft knife to stop them catching on boots or clothing. 


Leave for 24 hours and check for any areas that are under stress and may have lifted. Heat these areas up and push back down, it may take 2 or 3 attempts depending on the severity of the curve or fold.

You must leave your motorbike decals for at least 48 hours before riding the bike to give the adhesive time to set. Please schedule fitting around this time frame, if you have a race or ride the next day then this is not the time to begin the graphic install. Riding sooner than our reccomendation will reduce the longevity of the product.

There are tons of videos on you tube about motocross graphics fitting we reccomend you watch a few of these to familiarise yourself on the techniques and methods used before starting.